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Headphones we all have at least a working pair, a dead pair we should throw away but haven’t because it seems such a waste and a pair of Skullcandys that could be sent back for warranty coverage but haven’t bothered to send them off. If you run, walk, workout, watch TV and movies on dvd or streaming, or basically live in the 21st Century you have headphones.  If you have ever entered a race be it a 5K or 100 mile Ultramarathon you’ve seen headphones on the course.

Every race FAQ section has guidelines about running with headphones.  Every road or trail race discourages use of music players and headphones for the safety of everyone. Every race I’ve entered I have seen people running and walking with headphones despite the warnings.  (The exception is triathlon.  They are banned completely and using them could get you disqualified for the day and banned from the event for that race’s prescribed amount of time — ranging from one year to lifetime. The reason is a combination of safety — bike courses are nearly always open to traffic and riders need to be able to hear traffic — and what is deemed “outside assistance.” The rhythm and beat help set the cadence for run.)

I don’t often use music while running because I enter triathlons.  Music becomes a crutch for keeping pace and keeping one’s mind occupied to make the miles pass more quickly. I need to be able to listen to my own footsteps, breathing, and thoughts without going nuts or getting bored.  I have managed to shut down thinking almost completely for miles at a time.  It’s actually very liberating, this not thinking thing.

When I do listen I put my Running Mix playlist on shuffle.  If I find myself skipping a song too often then I know it’s time to take it off the list.  I removed a couple this week and added about 10 more in their place. I don’t have my Running Mix organized in any tangible way, not alphabetically by song or artist, not by release date (the oldest is 1937), not by play count. I have shuffled the storage order to shake up the shuffle algorithm.  I don’t know if that changes anything, but let’s just pretend it does.

Here it is, about 70 songs from 1937-2016.  Genres range from Big Band to Praise and Worship, Disco, Hard Rock, Ballads and has even included Classical on occasion.


I’ll be Waiting    Adele

Boom, Boom, Pow   The Black Eyed Peas

Clocks   Coldplay

Big Girls Don’t Cry (personal)   Fergie

Blackbird (Glee Cast Version)   Glee Cast (Chris Colfer)

Songbird (Glee Cast Version)   Glee Cast (Naya Rivera)

Supermassive Black Hole   Muse

Suite Madame Blue   Styx

Try  P!nk

Under Pressure   Queen

Come Sail Away   Styx

Somebody to Love   Queen

We are the Champions   Queen

We Will Rock You   Queen

Starlight   Muse

Fight Song   Rachel Platten

Clouds   Zach Sobiech

Sunday   Tree63

Elevation   U2

Let it Go   Idina Menzel

Don’t Stop Believin’    Journey

Seasons of Love   RENT Motion Picture Soundtrack

Rockin’ the Paradise  Styx

The Phoenix   Fall Out Boy

We Belong   Pat Benatar

Sing, Sing, Sing (Parts 1 & 2, live)   Benny Goodman

Tom Sawyer  Rush

La Villa Strangiato (An Exercise in Self Indulgence)  Rush

In the Mood   The Glenn Miller Orchestra

Mamma Mia   ABBA

Take a Chance on  Me   ABBA

Sweet Emotion   Aerosmith

Fix You   Coldplay

Marathon   Rush

China Grove (‘06 remaster)   The Doobie Brothers

Just Give Me a Reason  P!nk   (feat. Nate Ruess)

Sigh No More  Joss Whedon (lyrics: Wm. Shakespeare) (feat. Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon)

Ho Hey   The Lumineers

Good Morning   Mandisa  (feat. TobyMac)

Revelation Song   Phillips, Craig & Dean

Finale B (aka No Day but Today)   RENT Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Trees   Rush

Beautiful Day   U2

Sky Spills Over   Michael W. Smith

Gimme Shelter   Ashley Cleveland

Just Like Heaven   The Cure

Gypsy Dance   The Glenn Miller Orchestra

Cups (aka When I’m Gone)  Anna Kendrick

Backseat Driver TobyMac (feat. Hollyn & Tru)

The River   Jordan Feliz

String of Pearls   The Glenn Miller Orchestra

My Life Would Suck Without You   Kelly Clarkson

Sway   Michael Buble’

Uptown Funk  Mark Ronson  (feat. Bruno Mars)

You Can Call Me Al   Paul Simon

Alone  Hollyn (feat. Tru)

Come on Eileen   Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight Runners

Greater   Mercy Me

Orinoco Flow   Enya

Creed   Third Day

Morning Has Broken   Third Day

The Sounds of Silence   Simon & Garfunkle

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing   Chris Rice

Power in the Blood   Ashley Cleveland

The Fighter (feat.Ryan Tedder)   Gym Class Heroes

Wake Me Up   Avicii

A Linda Song   Barry Manilow

Copacabana (At the Copa)   Barry Manilow

Defying Gravity (Wicked’s Original Cast Recording, 2003)   Kristin Chenoweth & Idina Menzel

Gloria   Laura Branigan


*Disclaimer:  I don’t own rights to any of the music, lyrics or songs listed below. All songs listed can be found on Google Music as of 29 January 2017. Some may only be available by using their subscription service.

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