Winter Running, so Far

Remember when I said at the end of the fall running season I said I wasn’t going to quit, and keep plugging through the winter?  That only half happened.  I haven’t stopped completely, but haven’t been as consistent as I should have. Taking a semi-break has been okay though. I did get some relief by taking a long soak and stretching in the hot tub in the gym’s locker room.  Using that always leaves me dreaming of having my own spa tub at home.

In less than two weeks I’ll be doing the Groundhog Marathon and Half Marathon – for the 5th time.  I’ve been focused on getting long miles in, which has left my legs achy for a few days afterward so my mid-week running has been non-existent for a couple of weeks now.  I need to change that so I can keep pace for the races I have in April and May.

I got bombed with a head cold earlier this month that settled into my chest.  I haven’t gotten sick — really sick — like that in a couple of years.  Cue more the reasons for running delays.  Most of the “sick” part is done, though my lungs do complain a little about being forced to work hard. I can blame allergies and asthma for that.  I moved my steroid inhaler to the sink ledge in the kitchen so I’d remember to use it more often than not.  Winter always seems to be the hardest time for me to be consistent with that as well. I’m making progress at least.

My Sole Sisters training group kicked off on January 7.  The group is growing! I love that. We’re about 35 this year.  I’ll be taking on some coaching duties again, and love that too.  We have 5 scholarship recipients this season and it will be fun to watch each one push toward reaching their personal race day goals.  Those who can stay for coffee after the long run to socialize. Because of Groundhog training I haven’t been able to yet. I’m hoping, planning to meet the gang this week. The group has 5 miles to do and my plan is supposed to be 6. We’ll see how that goes. It may just be the 5.  I’ll be okay with that.

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