Thinking out Loud

2019, Year in Preview

While looking back allows for introspection and gives perspective it does not give light to what comes next because our back is turned away from it.

Keeping it Real · Race Report

Mi Titanium 2018

Last weekend I did a thing. I finished my third half iron distance triathlon. I highly recommend this race. I do not recommend finishing it the way I did. So here's what happened, and what didn't. I make it no secret that I live with depression. There were some events in my life that made… Continue reading Mi Titanium 2018

Life on a Run · Race Report

Welp, that was a first, or a Visit to the Med Tent

No worries, I'm fine. After I stopped moving -- and got my medal -- I couldn't inhale deeply without my "emphysemic seal" cough. The medical volunteers were awesome. A man saw me and asked if I was okay. "I can't breathe," I said. He flags down someone else for a wheelchair, gets me in and… Continue reading Welp, that was a first, or a Visit to the Med Tent