Keeping it Real · Race Report

Mi Titanium 2018

Last weekend I did a thing. I finished my third half iron distance triathlon. I highly recommend this race. I do not recommend finishing it the way I did. So here's what happened, and what didn't. I make it no secret that I live with depression. There were some events in my life that made… Continue reading Mi Titanium 2018

Keeping it Real · Thinking out Loud

Why DO I Run?

"Why do you do this to yourself?" I remember my mum asking me that exact question after I finished my first half iron distance triathlon. She wasn't the first, nor will she be the last to ask me that question. Recently, someone posed the question again, and I decided to think long and hard on… Continue reading Why DO I Run?

Life on a Run · Race Report

Welp, that was a first, or a Visit to the Med Tent

No worries, I'm fine. After I stopped moving -- and got my medal -- I couldn't inhale deeply without my "emphysemic seal" cough. The medical volunteers were awesome. A man saw me and asked if I was okay. "I can't breathe," I said. He flags down someone else for a wheelchair, gets me in and… Continue reading Welp, that was a first, or a Visit to the Med Tent