When “Best Intentions” and “Reality” meet

We've all had "one of those days" where we want to just climb back into bed and start over. This month has had more than it needed. Previously I said I joined a Holiday Challenge to help get through the holiday season a little healthier than I started it. "How's that going for you?" I'm… Continue reading When “Best Intentions” and “Reality” meet

Public Accountability

What’s in a Challenge, anyway?

Motivation. Heartbreak. Accountability. Discouragement. Achievement. That's what.  I don't think I'm doing it quite right. I told myself I was not going to get on the scale until the end of the month. From October 31 - November 30: no weigh-ins. I didn't make it. I joined Coach Jenny Hadfield's Holiday Challenge. It cost me… Continue reading What’s in a Challenge, anyway?