A Man, his Passing and Legacy, and a Scholarship

This week I joined the Facebook group page for Ironman Maryland. My hope and plan was to get as much information and gather tips as I could about the race, the venue, and all things race week. Race day is 27 weeks away.

An announcement was shared that the much loved race director, Gerry Boyle, had suddenly passed away. The news came as utter shock to the Ironman Maryland (IMMD) community. My Facebook newsfeed had a deluge of remembrances, sympathies, tears and a few heartfelt jokes. It seems he was a man of outstanding character, and an outstanding character, who loved his hometown of Cambridge, MD and the race he ran. Many of the stories shared were from athletes who raced IMMD as their first Full distance triathlon (or Ultra as they’re becoming known as outside the brand of Ironman) and how Mr Boyle paid special attention to Newbies, assuaging fears and answering all kinds of questions.

A man, a coach, who has worked with Mr Boyle and IMMD wanted to honor his friend, his memory and his legacy in a meaningful way. He has put together a training plan scholarship in his memory. It will be awarded to a participant doing Maryland as their first Full 140.6 triathlon. The coaching company is donating a full training package to one athlete. I checked out their website and I am guessing the value could be around $1500 USD. So of course I applied. I can get lazy about training as the season drags on. I can not afford to get lazy with 140.6 miles and a 17-hour finish time limit on the line.

The application asked for your reason as to why you wanted to be considered. I answered as best I could, saying how a kidney donation and joining Team in Training for a triathlon saved my life. A winner will be announced toward the end of April. I will update here when or if I hear any news.

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